ATL vs BTL Marketing

We are a through-the-line (TTL) advertising, marketing, branding, digital and creative agency; working with brands to help them build branding, marketing, activations and promotions, merchandising, communications, route-to-market strategies and digital strategies while telling their stories through videography, photography and media production.


First, marketing has changed over time because access to more significant audiences and larger target markets has increased and changed with new forms of media tools. The change in marketing has also gone from consumer-based specific buying to consumer-based loyalty and brand desire.

Before we get into Through the line marketing, let us first look at the other forms of marketing.

  1. Above The Line (ATL) marketing/advertising consists of advertising activities that are largely non-targeted with no specific audience and wide reach. Think billboards, television and radio.ATL communication is done to build the brand and inform customers about the product. Conversions are given less importance in ATL advertising.
  1. Below The Line (BTL) marketing/advertising is more focused, direct communication. Below-the-line marketing or BTL advertising consists of very specific, memorable and direct advertising activities focused on targeted groups of consumers.  Often known as direct marketing strategies, below-the-line strategies focus more on conversions than on building the brand. Think Direct mail marketing, brand activation and in-store marketing.

Through The Line (TTL) marketing efforts combine ATL and BTL tactics in one overall marketing strategy, producing a 360° reach that results in both building brand awareness and conversions. Sounds fab, right? It is.

TTL strategies are creative, focused marketing plans which produce results.

Through The Line approach to your marketing efforts, you are both ensuring a wide reach, to both targeted and peripheral audiences, as well as ensuring your budgets don’t go wasted also ensuring a high ROI.

EM Creative Agency can help with developing an effective marketing strategy that suits your business needs ensuring a Return On Investment for you.

Contact us today to discuss how we can excite your audience with a creative market pan that will produce results.

Feel free to check our case study page to see what we have done for some of our clients.

Published by: E&M Creative Agency Limited

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