All-Time Tissue Brand Design

The Brief

All-Time Tissue Brand Design

Clock Products Ltd partnered with E&M Creative Agency to work on the All-Time tissue brand design phase. The project involved creating a unique visual identity for the brand, including the brand name, logo, colour scheme, and typography.


The project resulted in the following deliverables:

  • Tissue brand look and feel
  • Brand name
  • Brand colours
  • Brand logo
  • Typography


Brand Logo:

A brand logo is a core element of a brand’s visual identity, representing the organization at its best. The All-Time logo is a wordmark type, which includes only the company name and is a popular and timeless choice for toilet paper brands.


Typography is crucial in brand design as it represents the brand’s personality and values, communicates the message to the target audience, and sets the brand apart from competitors. Therefore, montessarat font was selected for the All-Time tissue as it creates a lasting impression and enhances readability.

Brand Colors and Product Packaging:

Additionally, The All-Time tissue brand colour scheme includes purple and white, with feather detailing in the background linking the softness of the toilet paper to feathers. The design was applied to the product packaging and tissue to ensure consistency and brand recognition.

Logo Application and Business Collaterals:

Lastly, logo applications and business collaterals were designed to maintain brand consistency across all platforms to showcase the brand’s visual identity.

In conclusion, We enjoyed designing the All-Time tissue brand.

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