Cadbury Dairy Milk Instore Activations

Cadbury Dairy Milk is a leading confectionery brand owned by Mondelez International. As part of their mission to bring more generosity to the world, they tasked us to run an in-store retail activation campaign. The goal was to drive sales of Cadbury packs while also increasing brand engagement with consumers. Instore activations were conducted at key accounts across the country, with a total of 720 activations taking place over a period of 12 days per store from February 11 to April 30, 2023. The campaign was designed to be a TTL experiential marketing campaign that would create a lasting impact on consumers and drive sales for Cadbury.

Our Role

Cadbury Dairy Milk, a leading confectionery brand under Mondelez International, enlisted our agency to spearhead an in-store retail activation campaign aimed at driving sales and enhancing brand engagement with consumers. Deploying a TTL experiential marketing approach, we conducted 720 activations across key accounts nationwide over 12 days per store from February 11 to April 30, 2023. The campaign incentivized consumers to purchase Cadbury packs to receive instant giveaways and enter a draw for grand prizes, including a trip to Mauritius, PS5, iPad, iPhone 14, DSLR Camera, and more. Achievements included surpassing sales targets by 82%, achieving a total sales of 293,767 units, and distributing 103,680 Mandolin samples to enhance brand awareness and potentially drive future sales and customer loyalty.

Why are we doing this?

Key Objective: Increase sales revenue and brand engagement for Cadbury Dairy Milk in-store activation through targeted marketing and promotional campaigns

Where will we execute?

Kenya countrywide

1. 60 MT outlets across key accounts  (Carrefour, Naivas,Quickmart, Chandarana Cleanshelf, Eastmatt & Magunas)

How will this work?

Mechanics : To participate in this promotion, a customer needs to purchase either any four 80g Cadbury Dairy Milk slabs or any two 150g Cadbury Dairy Milk slabs from a participating store or outlet. Once the purchase is made, the customer will receive an instant giveaway reward on the spot and get a Mandolin sample. Enter a draw for a chance to win grand prizes and win a trip to Mauritius.

Prizes to be won

  • Instant giveaways – Limited Edition magic cup

Grand prizes

Prize Type      Prize

  • Grand Prize    Trip to Mauritius
  • Runner up       PS 5
  • Price 1             iPad
  • Price 2             iPhone 14
  • Price 3             DSLR Camera
  • Price 4             Headphone
  • Price 5             Gift vouchers


  1. Exceeded cumulative sales target by 82% over 12 days
  2. Achieved a total sales of 293,767 over 12 days, surpassing the target of 161,396
  3. Achieved a target performance of 182% cumulative over 12 days
  4. Distributed 1 Mandolin sample for every 80gms of purchase, and 2 Mandolin samples for every 150gms of purchase, totaling 103,680 samples given away
  5. Increased brand awareness through the distribution of Mandolin samples, potentially leading to future sales and customer loyalty.


As a value add, we used influencer marketing to boost the impact of our Cadbury Dairy Milk in-store activations. We teamed up with David Moya, also known as the King of Surprises and Generosity, to reward consumers at various stores during peak hours from 6pm-7pm. 

David’s surprise dances and giveaways added an extra layer of excitement and generosity to the campaign, driving participation and conversions. By using Instagram and Facebook, we were able to generate over 1 million impressions, views, and engagement. 

In addition, we created two videos featuring David Moya to showcase playful moments and creations, further increasing interest and engagement. Overall, influencer marketing with David Moya proved to be a valuable addition to our campaign, helping us to bring more generosity into the world.

Value add Achievements

  • Achieved 237,322 plays on IG and Facebook for the content
  • Reached 237,322 plays on IG and Facebook, as well as 14,244 likes, 237 comments, 130 shares, and 115 saves
  • Created a positive brand association by surprising consumers with gift hampers and roses
  • Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction by rewarding customers who purchased Cadbury chocolate


In conclusion, the Cadbury Dairy Milk instore activation campaign was a huge success, exceeding sales targets by 82% and increasing brand engagement through our TTL experiential marketing campaign. Our collaboration with David Moya as an influencer added an extra layer of excitement and generosity to the campaign, driving participation and conversions. If you’re interested in achieving similar results for your brand, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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