Cadbury Give a Generous Voice to Story Time

The Cadbury campaign “Give a Generous Voice to Story Time” aims to prioritise quality time with loved ones by creating an authentic African audio library, fostering connections through storytelling. It aims to support parents who want to spend more time with their children, encouraging them to participate in crafting 85 audiobooks for families across Africa.

Our Role

The Cadbury campaign “Give a Generous Voice to Story Time” aims to promote quality family time through storytelling by crafting an authentic African audio library. Our role involved conducting activations across key accounts in Kenya, including Carrefour, Chandarana, Naivas, Quickmart, Magunas, Cleanshelf, and Khetias, totaling 720 activations over 12 days per store. The objective was to boost sales revenue and brand engagement through targeted marketing and promotional campaigns, supported by branded giveaways such as mugs and tumblers. The Buy & Win mechanic incentivized purchases of Cadbury Dairy Milk and Bournvita products, with instant giveaways of branded items. Achievements included surpassing sales targets, with notable success in the 80g SKU category.

What are we doing?

We conducted key accounts across the country.

  • Carrefour
  • Chandarana
  • Naivas
  • Quickmart
  • Magunas
  • Cleanshelf
  • Khetias

With a total of 720 activations taking place over 12 days per store from 8th July to 27th August, 2023. The campaign was designed to be a TTL experiential marketing campaign that would create a lasting impact on consumers and drive sales for Cadbury. We were also tasked to do Bournvita 200 grams for 4 days.

Why are we doing this?

Key Objective: Increase sales revenue and brand engagement for Cadbury Dairy Milk in-store activation through targeted marketing and promotional campaigns

Branding & Production :

We also did branding and production for mugs and tumblers for giveaways.

Where will we execute?

Kenya countrywide

1. 60 MT outlets across key accounts  (Carrefour, Naivas, Quickmart, Chandarana Cleanshelf, Eastmatt & Magunas)

How will this work?

The Buy & Win mechanic was:

a) Buy 4 CDM 80g and get a branded tumbler.

b) Buy 2 CDM 150g and get a branded tumbler.

c) Buy 2 Bournvita 200g and get a branded 


Shoppers were encouraged to donate modern-day

African stories across the available platforms for

the Kenyan market.

Prizes to be won

Instant giveaways

  • Cadbury Mugs
  • Cadbury Tumblers


CDM Target: Cumulative target for the 8days was 53,185.

Total sales over the 8 days period were 70,616.

Target performance cumulative was at 133%.

Bournvita target: Cumulative target for the 6 days was 2,379.

Achievement: Total sales achieved were 1,624.

Sales: The 80gms SKU sold best than the 150gms.

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