Cadburys Rep Drive, Taste the Action Campaign

Cadbury, a leading confectionery brand owned by Mondelez International, launched the “Cadbury’s Rep Drive: Taste the Action” campaign to bring more generosity to the world and engage with consumers in Kenya. The campaign’s primary goals were to drive product volumes and encourage consumer engagement through a promotion that offered instant rewards and grand prizes. Consumers were invited to buy any four participating SKUs for a chance to win rewards via a digital spin-the-wheel mechanic. Instant rewards included Cadbury-branded jerseys, drawstring bags, and footballs, while grand prizes featured items such as a PS5 (825 GB), a 55-inch smart TV, favorite team original jerseys, shopping vouchers worth $50 each, and complete Cadbury FC football kits.

Our Role

E&M Creative Agency played a pivotal role in executing the “Cadbury’s Rep Drive: Taste the Action” campaign. We meticulously designed and implemented a comprehensive strategy to ensure the campaign’s success across Kenya. Our responsibilities included creating engaging marketing materials, managing digital and in-store activations, and facilitating the WhatsApp Bot for the Grand Prizes competition. By leveraging our expertise in experiential marketing and promotions, we effectively drove consumer participation and enhanced brand engagement. The campaign exceeded expectations, achieving total sales of 39,521 over six days, surpassing the target by 13% and demonstrating our capability to deliver impactful marketing solutions.

At E&M Creative Agency, our guiding principle is to craft tailored solutions that precisely match the demands of the industries we cater to. With mastery in marketing, advertising, research, design, printing, branding, digital services, experiential marketing, activations, promotions, M&E systems, as well as research and strategy, we excel in providing comprehensive support across various domains.

Cadbury is a leading confectionery brand owned by Mondelez International. As part of their mission to bring more generosity to the world, they tasked us to run a Cadburys rep drive taste the action campaign.

Why are we doing this?

1. Drive volumes and encourage engagement with the consumer promotion through sales.

2. Drive the Grand Prizes competition through the WhatsApp Bot for consumers to stand a chance to WIN amazing prizes.

Where will we Execute

 Kenya Countrywide

How Will this Work?

Mechanics: Buy any 4 participating sku`s and get a chance to win an instant reward through a digital spin the wheel.

The instant reward will include a Cadbury branded jersey, drawstring, bags and football.

Prizes to be Won

  • PS 5 (825 GB)
  • 55“ Inch smart TV
  • Favorite team original Jersey (Local and International) Printed with the winner’s name on the back.
  • Shopping vouchers (50 dollars each)
  • Cadbury FC Football Kits (Football/Jersey/Socks/Drawstring Bag (Consolation Prizes)


  • Cumulative target for the six days was 30,208
  • Achievement: Total sales over the 6 days period totaled at 39521.
  • Target performance cumulative was at 13%
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