Caetano Parts

Caetano Parts is a company of the Salvador Caetano Group, which has a long presence and success worldwide.

We have a wide range of products of equivalent quality (Aftermarket) – auto accessories, batteries, oils, consumables and tires. EM Creative Agency tasked to conceptualize digital marketing and management campaigns.

Our Role

As EM Creative Agency, we conceptualized and executed a digital marketing campaign for Caetano Parts, focusing on the slogans “Choose it first, get it fast and use it longer” and “Insist on genuine spare parts.” Utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube, we created engaging content, encouraged user-generated content, and partnered with influencers to boost brand visibility and consumer engagement. Our strategy, driven by consumer and market insights, successfully increased brand awareness, sales, and customer loyalty, reinforcing the value of choosing genuine Caetano Parts products for quality and longevity.

The solution

EM Creative Agency driven by consumer and market insights, created and launched digital marketing assets and a campaign coined “Choose it first, get it fast and use it longer ” plus “ Insist on genuine spare parts

Tools we used

Social media campaign on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and YouTube prompting user generated content.

The Result

Over 600,000 views and 2,000 shares on social media.
Generated over 10,000 inquiries.
Converted over 2,500 sales.

Cool Win

EM Creative Agency was given a permanent contract from a three month probation contract.

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