Chappies (Mozambique BTL Activation)

The Brief

Inter-school competition in partnership with Ministry of Education, Mozambique.

Running a school program in partnership with MoE (Ministry of Education) Mozambique where 84+ Secondary Schools will participate in a GK Quiz contest to win a Technology classroom.

Why are we doing this?

Our key objective is to drive the creative platform of “Surprise Your Mind” through engaging participation mechanics that pave way for learning through triggering curiosity.

How will this work?
  • Buy a Chappies
  • Visit or fill in the physical form by answering DYKs
  • Enter your details and submit
Game show selection
  • Top 20 schools selected to participate in Game Show
  • Eliminator format
  • 8 QF, 4 SF, 2 Finalists
  • 1 winner
Grand Prize

Tech classroom for winning school

  • 2 x laptops
  • 1 x desktop
  • 1 x ST projector
  • 1 x speaker system
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