Chappies Mozambique Mini Roadshow

The Brief

The client, Chappies, approached us with the objective of fostering brand love and driving incremental volumes of their product at both consumer and trader levels. The emphasis was on creating a fun, engaging, and purpose-driven campaign that would not only increase sales but also establish a stronger emotional connection with the brand.

Why Are We Doing This?

The primary goal is to enhance brand love, creating a lasting relationship between Chappies and its consumers. The strategy involves using platform and creative assets to make the brand more relatable, engaging, and aligned with a sense of purpose. The client aims to drive volume sales and conversions through unique activation mechanics that provide added value to the consumers.

Where and When:

The activation took place at Zimpeto Market on Saturday, 30th September, from 10 am to 2 pm.


Option 1:

  • Buy 15 bags of Chappies.
  • Receive branded Chappies merchandise.
  • Gain 3 entries into a contest.

Option 2:

  • Buy 10 bags of Chappies.
  • Receive branded Chappies merchandise.
  • Gain 2 entries into a contest.

Option 3:

  • Buy 5 bags of Chappies.
  • Receive branded Chappies merchandise.
  • Gain 1 entry into a contest.


Dancing Entertainment:

Engaging dance performances to create a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

Promotion Activities:

Promotional activities to showcase the unique features and benefits of Chappies.

Van Sales:

Mobile sales units offering Chappies at promotional prices to encourage on-the-spot purchases.

Questions and Answers:

Interactive sessions allowing consumers to learn more about Chappies and participate in Q&A sessions.


During the activation at Zimpeto Market:


  • 10 boxes sold.
  • 300 bags distributed.


  • 600 consumers actively participated in the various activities.

Retailer Participation:

  • Over 50 retailers engaged, showcasing the campaign’s effectiveness in reaching the trader level
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