The Brief

We were tasked to run a school program in partnership with the Ministry of Education (MoE) in Mozambique. This initiative involves 84+ secondary schools participating in a General Knowledge (GK) Quiz contest, with the aim of winning a Technology classroom. The campaign seeks to ignite curiosity, boost knowledge, and inspire creativity among Mozambican youth, taking place across the diverse nation of Mozambique.

Why Are We Doing This?

Through this campaign, our goals are:

  • Inspire Creativity: Encourage creative thinking, question norms, and foster problem-solving skills for future success.
  • Ignite Learning: Make education engaging and enjoyable, instilling a lifelong love for knowledge among youth.
  • Empower Future Leaders: Equip Mozambique’s next generation with the tools to thrive in a competitive, tech-driven world.

Why We’re Doing This

Our primary goal is to promote the “Surprise Your Mind” creative platform by engaging students in a curiosity-driven learning experience.

Mechanics: School Activation

The core mechanic employed in this campaign was the school program we did in 84 schools. This involved the distribution of campaign flyers and strategically placing Chappies posters within these educational institutions.

School Program Results

  • Total Reach: 38,118 students.
  • Posters: 336 strategically placed in schools.
  • Leaflets: 38,118 distributed, with 37,800 collected from schools.

Game Show Selection

  • Top 20 schools selected to participate in the Game Show.
  • Format: Eliminator with 8 Quarterfinals, 4 Semifinals, 2 Finalists, and 1 ultimate winner.

Grand Prize

  • The winning school receives a Technology classroom.
  • Prize includes 2 laptops, 1 desktop, 1 ST projector, and 1 speaker system.

Mastermind Game Show Results

  • Engaged 20 students, along with 20 parents and teachers.
  • 7 students won school fees, and 1 school received a tech classroom

Chappies Masterminds Media Impact

  • 14.0 million TV impressions.
  • Reached 12.8 million.
  • Engaged 3 million.
  • 4 million video views.
  • 1 million clicks.
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