Roofings Kenya Limited

The Brief

Roofings Kenya Limited is a renowned company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying high-quality roofing materials and accessories in Kenya. As a means of expanding their market reach and establishing a strong presence in Kisumu, they recently opened an outlet warehouse in the region. To ensure that their brand stands out in a highly competitive market, they entrusted us with the responsibility of designing and implementing an effective branding strategy for both the interior and exterior of the warehouse.

Our team embarked on the design and branding project by conducting a thorough analysis of the company’s brand identity, values, and target audience. We created a comprehensive branding package based on our findings that included visually appealing artwork, painting, and branding. We utilized the company’s logo, brand colours, and products to create a consistent and recognizable brand identity.


To achieve their objectives  we delivered the following in both the interior  and exterior of the warehouse:

For the exterior of the warehouse, we designed and installed a range of branding elements, including :

  • 2 Triangular Banners
  • 1 Location Signage
  • 1 Roadside Signage
  • 1 Location Signage Board
  • 2 Branded Allucoboards
  • 6 Door Branding

For the interior, we focused on creating a welcoming and professional ambience that reflected the company’s values and products. We painted the walls with a coat of the company’s brand colours and installed:

  • 1 coat wall painting
  • 6 Wall hangings
  • 8 Wall hangings
  • 1 Separation Wall Branding
  • 1 Separation Door Branding

These elements were strategically placed to maximize visibility and create a lasting impression on potential customers.

In conclusion, the design and branding project for Roofings Kenya Limited’s warehouse in Kisumu was a resounding success. The branding elements we created have helped the company to stand out in a highly competitive market and establish a strong presence in the region.

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