John Bannermans

EM Creative Agency was tasked by Monument Distillers to conceptualize, strategize, design communication strategy, print and brand five stores across Nairobi, Kenya as a pilot project.

Our Role

In collaboration with Monument Distillers, EM Creative Agency spearheaded the conceptualization, strategy development, and branding of five pilot stores in Nairobi, Kenya. Drawing from consumer insights, we crafted a compelling communication strategy encapsulated in the slogan “STRONG IN CHARACTER, BOLD IN FLAVOUR” for John Bannermans. Utilizing RFM tools, we strategically booked in-trade and off-trade stores, resulting in immediate returns and an expansion of our contract to over 200 stores across East Africa, showcasing our efficacy in driving brand recognition and market penetration.

The solution

Driven by consumer and market insights, we designed a communication strategy that focuses on John Bannermans rich tradition and heritage. Hence coining a campaign “STRONG IN CHARACTER, BOLD IN FLAVOUR” In addition, using our database we booked in- trade and off-trade stores for branding.

Tools we used

RFM: Booked in-trade and off-trade stores, geo-fenced and passed over the database to client.

Design, print, branding and installation.

The result

We identified branding opportunities off- trade and in-trade. Designed, printed and branded the five pilot stores which gave instant return on investment. This resulted to extension of our contract from five stores to over 200 stores in East Africa.

Cool win

Extension of contract from pilot (five stores in Nairobi) to over 200 stores in East Africa.

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