Mlima Kenya Ng’ara Na Rangi Ya Vesta Campaign

The Brief

Crown Paints has been losing market share to competition in Central Kenya due to the following reasons:

Pricing- Crown Paints is perceived as premium, Customer complaints on the loyalty program - Most cards indicate already used & can’t be redeemed, Painters training - Crown Paints shifted to online training in 2021 whereas competition stuck to physical training & issuance of giveaways.

Therefore, we need to come up with a proposal on how to regain, grow and sustain market share focusing on Economy Vesta Plastic paint.

Project objectives
  • To offer a BTL Campaign roadshow.
  • Build brand equity (brand awareness & visibility) as well as gain more shop share (conversion) by positioning Vesta range of products as the best and the to go to product of choice
  • To win painters, dealers and general public confidence through education, entertainment and rewarding both loyal customers and new clientele.
Key wins
  • Covered the whole of Central region by the Caravan sensitising, educating, recruiting & rewarding new clients
  • Registered over 500 painters in Crown Team Kubwa app.
  • Rewarded over 2,500 customers with umbrellas, t-shirts, reflectors, key rings and pens.
  • Poster placement to at least 1,500 dealer shops.
  • Issued out at least 5,000 flyers.
  • Recruited over 250 new customers
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