Oreo Instore Activations

Mondelez International, the owner of Oreo, tasked E&M Creative Agency to carry out instore activations for the popular cookie confectionery brand. The campaign will take place in 60 MT outlets across Kenya, including key accounts such as Carrefour, Naivas, Quickmart, and Chandarana, over three weekends and six days, with a total of 360 activation sessions. The target days will be Saturday and Sunday, which are known to be peak shopping days for consumers.

Our Role

Mondelez International tasked E&M Creative Agency with conducting in-store activations for Oreo across 60 MT outlets in Kenya, aiming to boost sales and enhance brand engagement. The campaign spanned three weekends and six days, strategically targeting peak shopping days. Consumers were incentivized to purchase Oreo packs to receive instant gratification and opportunities to win prizes. Achievements included exceeding the sales target by 116%, exposing consumers to various Oreo variants, and fostering increased brand awareness and consumer interest.

Why are we doing this?

The following are the key objectives for the Oreo Instore Activations:

  • To increase sales of Oreo packs by implementing a sales drive mechanic that offers instant gratification to consumers in stores
  • To drive brand engagement by creating meaningful interactions between consumers and the Oreo brand during the activation sessions

Where will we execute?

Execution location: Kenya countrywide

Outlets: 60 MT outlets across key accounts (Carrefour, Naivas, Quickmart, Chandarana)

Target days: Saturday and Sunday – 1 Brand Ambassador per store

Activation period: 3 weekends/6 days

Total number of activation sessions: 360 activations

How will this work?


  • Buy four packs of Oreo 133g each – You will receive an Oreo-branded sipper cup.
  • Buy two packs of Oreo 133g each.
  • Scan the QR code or send a message with the word “Hi” to the WhatsApp number +254 745707785 to register.
  • Follow the prompts from the WhatsApp bot to submit your entry for a chance to win playful prizes.

Prizes to be won

  • Instant giveaways – Oreo brand sipper cups

Grand prizes

Prize Type      Prize

  • Grand Prize    PS5 825gb
  • Runner up      Android Tablet
  • Price 1           JBL Flip 5 BT Speaker
  • Price 2           Android Smart Watch
  • Price 3           Shopping voucher @ $50


This is what we achieved through the Oreo Instore Activations:1

  • The 6-day campaign had a sales target of 31,056.
  • The actual sales achieved during the campaign amounted to 36,006, exceeding the target.
  • Target performance cumulative was at 116%, indicating the campaign exceeded its sales targets.
  • The campaign successfully exposed consumers to the different OREO variants beyond the original vanilla flavor.
  • Progressive sales growth and increased awareness of the other variants were observed.
  • Overall, the campaign successfully drove sales, increased awareness of the different product variants, and generated consumer interest in the brand.

In conclusion, this Oreo instore activations campaign was a great success, exceeding sales targets by 16% and driving brand engagement with playful prizes and giveaways for participating consumers. If you’re looking for effective TTL marketing strategies like this, Contact Us to learn how we can help your brand achieve similar success. Visit our website at https://emcreative.co.ke/

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