Sossi & Proya Wall Painting/Branding

E&M Creative Agency Limited has over 1 million Square meters sites nationwide in Kenya.

Our Role

E&M Creative Agency Limited, with over 1 million square meters of site coverage nationwide in Kenya, offers comprehensive services to bring your advertising vision to life. Upon receiving the client’s brief, we create custom artworks, seek client approval for the final design, and handle all site bookings, licenses, and permits. Our dedicated team of designers, artists, and casual laborers then executes the project to ensure a seamless and effective deployment of the advertising campaign.

How we work
  • Client share brief with the sites they want.
  • EM Creative Agency Limited creates artworks
  • Client approves the final artwork
  • EM Creative Agency Limited books the site & gets all licenses and permits as per client request
  • EM Creative Agency Limited deploys it’s team of designers, artists and casual labourers for execution
Final Work
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What we can do

We are here to empower brands like yours to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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