Stimorol Instore Activation

The Brief
The Brief

To begin with, the main aim of the activation is to introduce the trendy brand Stimorol to Kenyan consumers. By communicating a clear and powerful message to the audience, and emphasizing the brand’s values in a relevant and straightforward manner. Additionally, the primary objective of the campaign is to increase market share and boost sales through the Stimorol Instore Activation.

Why are we doing this?

To achieve the primary objective of boosting market share and driving sales growth. The campaign will achieve this by creating engaging customer experiences and promoting the brand to increase consumer awareness and interest.


Buy any 2 packs of Stimorol, provide proof of purchase, sample, and access the digital spin the wheel game to spin and win instant prizes.

Prizes to be won.
  • Bandanas
  • Bucket hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Earphones
  • Grand prize – Smartphones

Here are some achievements from the Instore Activation:
Firstly, the in-store activation initiative led to a significant increase in the brand’s market share, helping it to capture a larger share of the market and solidify its position as a leading player in the industry.

Secondly, by providing customers with engaging experiences and exclusive deals, the in-store activation helped to drive sales growth, resulting in higher revenue and profitability for the brand.

Additionally, through immersive experiences and interactive displays, the in-store activation helped to enhance the brand’s image and reputation, improving customer perception and loyalty.

Lastly, by creating unique brand experiences and offering personalized promotions, the in-store activation helped to build stronger relationships with customers. Therefore resulting in increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.

  • TARGET: 8,028 target envelopes and 15,260 target sticks totalling 23,288 pieces.
  • ACHIEVEMENT: 10,453 Stimorol envelopes sold and 14,322 sticks sold totalling to 24,775.
  • Target performance cumulative was at 143%.

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