The Brief

E&M Creative Agency ethos has been to design practical solutions to suit the needs of the sectors we serve. Whether its business cards, signage for your offices, or annual reports, we are experts in all things communication, design and print.

Eveready E.A PLC approached us to conceptualise, design, print and deliver communication materials for their new range of automotive product, Turbo.

Turbo car batteries & accessories range gives you low maintenance batteries which are available in a wide range to suit all types of motor vehicles, from small cars to large trucks. They\’re re available in: Lead Acid | (MF) Maintenance Free | Battery Water | Battery Acid.


Posters design
POS branding design

Posters: Size: A3 | Paper: Tic Tac 130gsm | Finishing: Trimmed & Packed
POS Branding: Size: 75cm by 60cm / Printing & pasting on COREX Board 4mm / Eyelets addition/ White Vinyl Sticker


We developed a communication designs that were human centered. Offering brand message while offering brand visibility solution required on a daily basis! Positioning the brand as a leader in the market focusing on solving our daily automotive problems.

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