Twist, Lick & Dunk Instore Activations

Mondelez International tasked E&M Creative Agency to conceptualize and execute a TTL (Through-The-Line) Experiential Marketing Campaign for their popular Oreo cookie brand, titled “Twist, Lick & Dunk – Oreo Winter Drive.” The campaign aimed to drive sales and enhance brand engagement across 20 major retail outlets in Mozambique, including Shoprite, Premier Group, VIP SPAR, and others. Over four weekends (8 days) and 160 activation sessions, the campaign utilized a buy-and-reward mechanic where consumers who purchased any 133g pack of Oreo received a branded Oreo sipper cup and a chance to win grand prizes such as a PS5, Android tablet, JBL speaker, and hypermarket vouchers. This initiative sought to create a fun and engaging consumer experience, reinforce brand presence, and ultimately boost Oreo sales in the region.

Our Role

At E&M Creative Agency, our role in the “Twist, Lick & Dunk – Oreo Winter Drive” campaign was to design and implement a comprehensive in-store activation strategy aimed at driving Oreo sales and fostering brand engagement. Leveraging our expertise in marketing, design, and experiential activations, we developed a buy-and-reward mechanic to incentivize purchases and enhance the consumer experience. We managed the execution across 20 key retail outlets in Mozambique, ensuring each activation session effectively communicated the campaign’s purpose and engaged shoppers. Our efforts included coordinating logistics, branding materials, and facilitating consumer interactions to maximize the campaign’s impact and achieve Mondelez International’s objectives.

At E&M Creative Agency, our guiding principle is to craft tailored solutions that precisely match the demands of the industries we cater to. With mastery in marketing, advertising, research, design, printing, branding, digital services, experiential marketing, activations, promotions, M&E systems, as well as research and strategy, we excel in providing comprehensive support across various domains.

Mondelez international is one of the leading snack companies in the world. They hold the number one global position in biscuits and second in chocolates. They operate in more than 80 countries. Mondelēz international approached us to conceptualize, and design, a TTL Experiential Marketing Campaign/Activation dubbed Twist, Lick & Dunk for the popular cookie confectionary brand. A sales drive mechanic in stores for instant gratification in 20 MT outlets in Mozambique,4 weekends, (8days) ,160 activations for Twist, Lick & Dunk OREO Winter Campaign.


Shoprite, Premier Group, VIP SPAR, Nosso Supermercado, Mil, Tavema, SuperMercado Number One, Capuchinho, Vermelho,

Why are we Doing this?

 Drive sales of the OREO packs.

Drive brand engagement

How Will this Work?

The campaign, through its various execution touchpoints, will focus on communicating brand purpose.

  • Drive sales of OREO through an in-store activation with a buy and reward mechanic.
  • Consumers are encouraged to enter the grand draw through a WhatsApp Bot to win playful prizes.
  •  The Buy & Win mechanic is:

a) Buy any 133g and get a branded OREO sipper cup

Prized to be Won

  • PS5, 825gb S
  • Android tablet, 10.2“
  • Jbl  flip  5 BT speaker
  • Generic android Talk Band
  • Hypermarket voucher 50$ in value

Whether you need to build brand awareness, drive sales, or engage with your target audience. We have the expertise and resources to deliver a successful campaign. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and create a tailored solution that delivers real results.

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Activations was done across Shoprite, Premier Group, VIP SPAR, Nosso Supermercado, Mil, Tavema, SuperMercado Number One, Capuchinho, Vermelho,

  • TARGET: Target for the 8-day campaign was 6400
  • ACHIEVEMENT: Total sales amounted to 4635
  • Target performance cumulative was at 72.42%
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