Floor Sticker Printing

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Do you ever look at your floors and think of branding? If you haven’t, then you are wasting a lot of floor space that you could use to brand your business and serve marketing purposes. You should consider floor decals to spruce up your floors, match the business, and even direct potential clients to your business.

Our custom-printed floor decals are durable and can withstand months of regular foot traffic. Also, we offer high-quality printing services to ensure that the graphics are as bright and inviting as you want them to be. When you need to change them, you can expect easy removal with no residue making the switch simple and quick.

Moreover, our decals are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With our services, you will have beautiful customized decals that match your brand. They also come in handy to customers because they can help to adhere to Covid-19 social distancing regulations.


1 Feet (30cm by 30cm), 2 Feet (60cm by 60 cm), 3 Feet (90cm by 90cm)


1 Piece, 4 Pieces, 8 Pieces, 12 Pieces, 16 Pieces, 20 Pieces

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